the final frontier.


I’m spending a lot of time thinking about what makes up communities, social engagement and advocacy as a unified strategy.

This strategy will be powered by a vertically-integrated platform that helps engage and encourage a wide range of audiences that include customers, advertisers, employees and partners.

Humans want to connect with other humans in authentic conversations that help them succeed personally and professionally, not just receive republished marketing content or artificial support.

No Trolls Allowed #

By far the greatest threat to communities facing the internet community. I have a solution. Discriminate against them. Lock them out. Don’t even create a place for them to exist in the ecosystem of communities.

By creating a channels, chat rooms, or platforms specifically designed for “colorful” conversations encourages the very thing we are trying to stamp out. It’s also a coward’s way of co-signing the vitriol, racism, sexism and hate that nourishes trolls. We are better than that.

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 9.20.54 PM.png
Who are the trolls?

Remember. Don’t feed the trolls. #

I am focused on turning celebrities and athletes into advocates and amplifying the voices of those advocates across their industry. My focus will be on encouraging all of our teams to create a delightful, consistent customer experience — especially if that experience involves connecting advocates with explorers on the path to purchase, providing much-needed social proof and education.

Usually, communities nosedive into tech support portals or fail entirely. 70% of communities are destined to fail, according to Gartner.

How do we be successful? #

Brands have the ability to provide a unique platform where community citizens are passionate about the peaceful ideas, the diverse people and opportunities they can find there. They aren’t bullied when they ask honest questions. They are people — passionate individuals yearning to connect with other humans in order to learn, network, collaborate and pass on life lessons.

They want to be rewarded lovingly for positive behaviors and acknowledged for existing in a world that doesn’t have much use for them.

They know it. They are looking for acceptance and a much needed break from the “internet” that is devouring them.

They are looking for a place in your community that should already exist.


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